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Personal training

A physical activity program? Maximizing performance? Improved health? Yes, of course, but not in any way!

Since it is not always obvious to have the right information at the right time!
Since it is not easy knowing how to get organized before starting an activity!
And because your time is limited and precious!

It is necessary to contact the right person.

By contracting my services, you will have knocked on the right door to obtain the information and follow-up appropriate for you.

How do you practice sports properly? Where? How long? What diet is appropriate for my training regime?

I am here to answer at all these questions, your questions!

We will establish a self-made program that can be adapted daily, whatever your goal.

Whether the sessions take place in your home, outdoors or at a distance, individually or in groups, in a club, with business partners or family, I will take into account your objectives, your training equipment, your availability and any day by day changes.

As a trained coach assisting you with your exercise plan, I will be available to readjust your program at your convenience.

I will guide you to achieve your goals.