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Corporate and public conférence! Scientific advisor!

Although physical activity is well known to improve general and specific fitness condition, have a beneficial effect on cognition and allow for athletes to perform better, the ability to have this information has yet to be realized within the world of work or in the associative or corporate sector.

Indeed, the implementation of a program of health promotion in the workplace or about groups reduces, on average, absenteeism by 19%, days of illness by 20% and improves productivity by 16%. Besides athletes and doctors, managers human resources department of companies should therefore focus on the exercise benefits.

Thus, many studies can address several interesting facts: healthy employees are more productive, less absent and cost less in insurance and disability fees to compagny while allowing better concentration.

It is therefore necessary to get into action and start a fitness program as soon as possible. Conferences are an effective way to advance awareness to promote the benefits of the activity, information for people interested and use the tools to build an active lifestyle.


As a company or individual, you want to have a gymnasium. As a scientific advisor, I can inform you about the equipment and the layout to maximize your facility. So, I can comment on the scientific and technical aspects in relation to the discoveries, concepts, results and assumptions that will help you to make the right decision. In addition, I can provide you validation and guidance on assumptions and conclusions previously issued. Also, in terms of research, I am able to comment on the scientific relevance, priority and quality of research programs and projects.